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Back Cover Blurb and Synopsis:

You don’t need walls and bars to feel that you are in prison.
You don’t need guards to watch you every second of a day to feel trapped.

Penitentiaries exist everywhere we look. All around us, endless processions of people shuffle about in their invisible leg-irons, held back by a jail sentence resounding only in their minds, imposed on them for no real crime – because lacking ambition, courage and a clear plan to escape the world’s existential prison is not a crime, but it always still comes with a heavy punishment.

Gayton McKenzie has been in real prisons, sent there because he committed real crimes. But on his release from jail shortly after the turn of the century he was confronted by the shock that, unless he did something drastic about it, those razor-wired gates he had just walked out of had been opened only for him to walk into an even bigger and far more challenging prison.

He realised that trying to an honest man in an often crooked world might leave him with few options.
Trapped by circumstance and held captive to his fate, he would probably end up back in jail.

That could not happen. And he refused to live the inadequate life.
So he transformed himself into an entrepreneur.
It was his jailbreak plan, a map to a bigger world of success and all the freedom of choice and personal responsibility that comes with it.
He wants you to do the same.
But perhaps your jailbreak plan will look different.
This book will inspire you to discover what your own plan should be – and offer you the metal file you need to start grinding away at all those bars that still enclose you.



It’s lights out.
Time to escape.