JOHANNESBURG – Businessman Gayton Mckenzie says communities should not wait on police or government to tackle crime, and should rather help bring suspected criminals to book.

Mckenzie made headlines on Monday after he confronted an alleged leader of a hijacking syndicate in Bramley last Thursday.

The supposed kingpin known as ‘The Devil’ was apparently held down by Mckenzie and his group of friends when he was suspected of robbing and hijacking an acquaintance.

According to Mckenzie, the man was eventually apprehended – 30 minutes after he reported the incident.

While he admits police can do better, he has also criticised the public for their role in enabling criminal activity.

“The cops are only as good as the information they get. Everyone out there, you know the hijackers, the guys that buy stolen goods. We know who those people are.”

Referring to a group of suspects accused of raping a woman at Rhodes Park in Kensington at the weekend, Mckenzie says, “There are 12 people that apparently committed this heinous crime; someone that didn’t commit this crime is connected to those people. They know for a fact the person came home with bloody clothes… Are you going to burn the clothes or call the cops.”

The author and ex-convict has suggested ways that people can help stop crime.

“If you want to fight crime, firstly you need to stop complaining and we need to be active. You can involve ex-prisoners; ask them how to catch thieves. I managed to crack that thing with Kenny because we knew people. Finallylet’s volunteer at police stations.”

Police were unable to confirm any of the alleged reports.

Listen: Gayton McKenzie nabs ‘kingpin’ and urges communities to take charge against crime