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Gayton nabs Kingpin

Gayton McKenzie nabs ‘kingpin’

By Oct 22, 2015 Comments Off on Gayton McKenzie nabs ‘kingpin’
JOHANNESBURG - Businessman Gayton Mckenzie says communities should not wait on police or government to tackle crime, and should rather help bring suspected criminals to book. Mckenzie made headlines on Monday after he confronted an alleged leader of a hijacking syndicate in Bramley last Thursday. The supposed kingpin known as ‘The Devil’ was apparently held down by Mckenzie and his group of friends when he was suspected of robbing and hijacking an acquaintance. According to Mckenzie, the man was eventually apprehended - 30 minutes after he reported the incident. My friend was hijacked yesterday. I chased the hijackers. I called my friends & police 30 minutes ago, 10 friends arrived before cops. — Gayton McKenzie (@G_XCON) October 15, 2015 I [...]
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Mr. Mc Kenzie launches ‘Trapped’

By Jul 14, 2015 1 comment
Gayton McKenzie launches ‘Trapped’ Read the G3 Magazine Trapped bookreview (PDF) If your salary is the only reason you are doing your job, then you are trapped. You should resign and free yourself. This was Gayton McKenzie’s message at the launch of his new book, Trapped, at Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton on Saturday. The convicted bank robber turned entrepreneur told guests at the event South Africa was a land of opportunity and people should be exploring fulfilling ways of earning a living, instead of wasting their time in jobs they hate. “For instance, instead of complaining about load shedding, I have decided to involve myself in the business of solar energy. Now I am making money from Eskom’s problems. [...]
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Gayton and Kenny’s hustler’s bible

By Jul 06, 2015 Comments Off on Gayton and Kenny’s hustler’s bible
Drum magazine: Gayton and Kenny’s hustler’s bible Former inmates turned best friends and business associates, Kenny Kunene and Gayton McKenzie, are the epitome of being self-made. Read more about what inspires them to hustle. Gayton McKenzie, self-made millionaire and the other half of the ZAR nightclub empire, is making major waves in the local […]
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