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About Us

Hustler’s Empire is a publishing, fashion and film company founded by Gayton McKenzie. The mine owner – one of South Africa’s most prominent public figures – is revered for his limitless ambition, which has seen him become a writer, motivational speaker, mining consultant, publisher and investor. The company is founded on a vision he had for his life when was released from jail in 2003: to turn his back on crime for good, and, as a “born-leader” use his mind and burning ambition to become a businessman with a legacy that will resonate for generations.
“I grew up with my nose buried in a book, and I’m still a ferocious reader. In telling my story with The Choice, I realised that there was a need for new narratives in South Africa,” Gayton explains, adding, “I wanted to both write and help other writers tell stories that are a mirror to firstly black experiences, and secondly, our dynamic multi-layered identity as a nation and continent.”

Hustler’s Empire is driven by market-impact and social investment. As an ex-convict whose business ambitions were initially partnered only by another ex-prisoner in Kenny Kunene, Hustler’s Empire team includes ex-prisoners. Our company lives what we believe in: chutzpah, an unbendable work-ethic, compassion and community.

Our Team

Our team has business experience spanning across all aspects of the media and marketing industries, as well as executive and human resource management, mining, community development and high-level deal-brokering.
The common thread binding an eclectic team is passion. At Hustler’s Empire, we know we can use culture to impact fashion and story-telling. Relevance is not just a buzz word. It’s an experience embodied by the life and business experiences of Gayton McKenzie, and respective chief executives and board members.

Our business is founded on key partnerships in Africa, Asia and Europe; in particular Britain, Germany, Namibia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, China and the Czech Republic.

We are connected by innovation and impact.