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A Hustler’s Empire

Hustler’s Empire is a media conglomeration with interests in fashion, publishing and film. To know more about who we are and what we do, see the following:

About Hustler’s Empire:  Discover the vision and meet the team.

About G: There are not enough labels to describe him, however, this is where you can find out the essence of a man who is without doubt one of South Africa’s most prominent public figures.

Hustler’s Empire Publishing: We believe in telling stories that have never been told as they have never been told. Read more about our books and your manuscripts

Motivational Speaker: Mr. McKenzie had only one story to tell when he left prison in 2003. It was the story of his life; of his fall and redemption. And how he became a best-selling author, investor and mine owner among other achievements.

Books:  Read excerpts from The Choice, A Hustler’s Bible, The Uncomfortable Truth and Trapped.

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